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Friday, October 2, 2009

Vaccines in the News 10/2

[10/2]( The Albany Vaccine Choice Rally (AoA)

[10/2]( LifeHealthChoices Reports on Albany NY Vaccination Choice Rally (AoA)

[10/2]( About 3,000 Allegheny PA students miss school over vaccinations

[10/2]( Survey shows few Americans plan to get swine flu vaccine

[10/2]( Cervical cancer vaccine continues killing young girls like Natalie Morton; is pathology report a pharma cover-up?

[10/2]( 2,300 Fort Worth students barred from classes until they get their vaccinations

[10/2]( Swine Flu Vaccine More Cons Than Pros

[10/2]( At the Vaccine Conference

[10/1]( Albany Rally Protests Mandatory H1N1 Vaccination

[10/1]( Mild Swine Flu & Over-Hyped Vaccine (NVIC)

[10/1]( Cervical Cancer Vaccine Didn't Kill U.K. Teenager (WSJ)

[10/1]( Cancer jab girl 'died of tumour' (BBC)

[10/1]( CVS Caremark says it will give out 100,000 flu shots to the unemployed starting on Oct. 5

[10/1]( Looking at one hospital's health care worker flu vaccine mandate

[10/1]( Which of Dr. Oz's 15 Swine Flu Recommendations Should You Follow? And are There Any You Should Avoid?

[10/1]( Should You Get A Swine Flu Shot? Definitely Maybe. (Forbes)

[10/1]( Why We Worry about Vaccines (HuffPo)

[10/1]( Autism Research Funding: It's Still Gotta Be Genetic

[10/1]( Groundbreaking Primate Study Links Mercury Vaccine Preservative to Brain Injury

[10/1]( Doctors debate H1N1 vaccine

[10/1]( H1N1 vaccine on schedule, official says (CNN)

[10/1]( Swine flu vaccine arrives, and the scramble begins (USAToday)

[9/30]( CDC Says Swine Flu Vaccine Trials Going Well

[9/30]( CDC study: Drug deaths surpass traffic fatalities in 16 states

[9/30]( Should You Get The Swine Flu Vaccine? - Dr. Oz

[9/30]( Swine flu shot protests may be the next Tea Party

[9/30]( CDC Recommends 3rd Shot For Some to Fight Swine Flu (Fox)

[9/29]( Change Player Size Watch this video in a new windowFox 5, Know swine flu vaccine risks 9-29-09 (FoxNews)

[9/29]( Cervical Cancer Vaccine: A Death in U.K., Delay at FDA (WSJ)


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