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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gary Null will discuss vaccines on his radio show on 8-14

FYI - Gary Null will be talking about vaccines on his radio show tomorrow. He is on 91.5fm from 12:00noon -1pm. You can also access it through the web at Louise Habakus, a NJCVC member and well received speaker on vaccination choice, will also be on the show.
8/14: Gary Null invited me on his radio show. I speak for about 7 minutes total. The show is archived on his site if you’d like to hear it: Go to August 14, 20008 and manually advance (drag) the timer indicator from 0:00 to about 30:45. I speak for 5 minutes and then I’m on again from about 43:00 to 45:00. Audience response was very positive. Let’s get Vaccine Nation shown in living rooms, bible study groups, parent and school meetings across the country. Contact me if you are interested. I can help provide talking points and other support. You don’t have to have all the answers. Wanting to ask the questions… that’s what’s most important when getting started.
-Louise Habakus


Friday, August 8, 2008

Letter to the Editor from an NJCVC Leader

She supports vaccination choice in New Jersey

The Progress
Published: Friday, August 8, 2008 7:22 AM EDT

EDITOR: While many claim that “no one knows what causes autism,” there actually is mounting evidence supporting the position that neurological disorders (ranging from autism to attention deficit disorder/ attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADD/ADHD and pervasive developmental disorder or PDD) are environmental illnesses with vaccines as primary triggers.

This is well-documented, published in peer-reviewed journals and growing every day.

In fact, the “landmark” 2003 Center for Disease Control [CDC] study which refuted a vaccine-autism connection has been discredited by the head of the CDC herself.

Recently, CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding delivered a potentially explosive report to the House Appropriations Committee. In it, she admits to a startling string of errors in the design and methods used in the CDC’s 2003 study that found no link between mercury in vaccines and autism, ADHD, speech delay or tics. The admission is not surprising to some of us.

As an informed, concerned parent, my take is this: how about until studies prove the safety of dozens and dozens of doses of vaccines in one child’s body (tests have never been run on the cumulative effects of all the current vaccines!), I beg that the government officials stop mandating new ones.

While our nation’s astounding rate of 1 in 5 children with learning disabilities further escalates, how about if we stop requiring ever more toxin-laden shots each year just to walk in the door of school or daycare?

Parents should have vaccination choice in New Jersey and we need it fast – seeing as there are more vaccine mandates ready to kick in starting this September.

New Jersey is the first jurisdiction in the world to mandate a flu shot. If we don’t want more and more required shots every year, we must do something now. Visit to learn more and fight for your right to choose.

North Caldwell

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Louise Kuo Habakus on the Every Child By Two Press Conference

By Louise Kuo Habakus

Late last night, a dozen of us were online, e-mailing about the ECBT-AAP press conference that we had just learned would take place today. We shared notes, compiled information and put out the word to get parents to NYC by 10:30am. I couldn’t make it but I prepared a statement and my good friend and fellow parent and health practitioner, Lisa Rudley, said she’d try to read it.
It’s Tuesday at 12:40pm and Lisa called.

“Louise, it was worse than the AMA seminar we attended.” We had started calling ourselves “Thelma and Louise” after attending that seminar in June, intended for doctors seeking Continuing Ed credit. That seminar was bad. I asked her, could this really have been worse?

“I arrived at the Gramercy Room on the third floor of the Peninsula Hotel, walked up to the first person I saw, stuck out my hand and introduced myself.”

And that’s how Lisa met Paul Offit.

The press conference was many things. But it was mostly horrible. There they were, the panoply of The Vaccine Establishment, all scrubbed and shiny, smiling behind their multi-million dollar industry, government and Hollywood armor. Smug, arrogant and entitled.

The parents and grandparents arrived from all over, Westchester, Long Island, Lancaster, PA, New Jersey and even Arizona, to bear witness and stand firm. Most of them didn’t sleep much the preceding night because they were busy making last minute arrangements to attend. Our parents did not arrive in limos. And some, including Katie Wright and Rita Palma, didn’t get to attend the event at all. They weren’t allowed in the room because they posed a security risk or their attire wasn’t deemed appropriate.

“During the Q&A, I didn’t say a thing, Louise. Not one thing. There was too much to say. How do I break through when their ears and eyes are closed to all that we see and hear? How do I communicate in a sound bite world?”

I could hear the frustration in Lisa’s words and that familiar anger boiled up inside. Lisa talked about courageous parents such as Mary Holland, and reporters from Spectrum Magazine and Insider Edition, who were able to ask the challenging questions we all wanted to ask, demanding Offit and others to address the science, the egregious conflicts of interest, the sheer numbers affected, the words of Dr. Bernadine Healy and others who are breaking ranks with their colleagues to speak out. After Mary and others spoke, the relief felt by Lisa and others was palpable, to finally hear the truth embedded in the questions asked, even though we knew to expect the well-crafted excuses and dismissals and rationales that predictably unfolded.

After Mary’s pointed questioning, there was a perceptible energy shift in the room. ECBT representatives took advantage of Rosalynn Carter’s early departure to reassert control. After parent Kevin Barry asked if the remaining panel members would continue to answer questions for the benefit of both press and parents, Ms. Peet and Dr. Offit happily assented but ECBT’s Amy Pisani swiftly declined, instead directing audience participants to ask their questions individually, away from the raised antennae and poised pen of the reporters. When Kevin proceeded to handout copies of research documentation related to questions that he was unable to put forward, Amy stepped in yet again and chided Kevin, essentially tell him that it was their event on their nickel and to cease and desist.

Another highlight of the press conference is a new quote from Dr. Offit. This morning, he shared with participants and press alike that our children’s immune systems have the capacity to respond to as many as 100,000 vaccines at once, not the mere and oft-quoted 10,000 figure he offered to the press in 2002. He neglected to share, however, the details of this new scientific study upon which his revised estimate is based.

As Lisa stood up to leave, she was surprised by the emotion welling up and she held back tears. Stepping outside, she was immediately greeted by nearly a dozen parents, familiar faces including Rita and Katie and others who were barred from entering the press conference. They were carrying signs and photos and chanting “My Kids My Choice” and “Too Much Too Soon.” They were loud and they would not be denied. It was the perfect antidote to the morning’s messages of repression and denial.

We know too well that this morning’s press conference is not our only battleground. The battle is being fought across the country, with school nurses, doctors, legislators, work colleagues, family, friends and neighbors. Mainstream parents are hearing and talking about our very mainstream message. This is a grass roots movement and it is powerful.

In New Jersey and New York, I have been giving lectures on Vaccine Choices for Parents every month since April and the response has been phenomenal. We have four more scheduled in the next two months with many more on the way. We’re bringing parents together to watch Vaccine Nation. We’re forwarding our message far and wide through cyberspace and we won’t stop until the truth is told. Join us. Contact me at if you want to get involved or attend one of my talks.

Louise Kuo Habakus is a parent of two vaccine-injured children. She received her Master's and Bachelor's degrees from Stanford University and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, junior year elect. She was a senior corporate executive for fifteen years. In her last position before retiring, she was a Managing Director and ran corporate marketing for Putnam Investments, one of the world's largest investment management firms. Louise received certification in Integrative Nutrition from Columbia Teachers College in 2007. She provides nutrition and wellness counseling to the parents of vaccine-injured children. Louise lectures, researches and writes about vaccination safety, parents' choices and informed consent. She believes that there is no single issue affecting our nation's children that is more important than mandatory vaccination and its myriad societal, political, medical and financial ramifications.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NJCVC Member Response to ABC article

X-Files Actress on Vaccines: Ignore the Stars
Amanda Peet Joins the Fray in Public Debate Over Childhood Vaccination
ABC News Medical Unit
Aug. 5, 2008

Response by Louise Kuo Habakus

The rise in neuroimmune disorders in the past four decades in industrialized countries coincides with the substantial addition of new vaccines to the childhood schedule and with rapidly increasing compliance rates.

Vaccine pre-licensure studies are not designed to detect causation between vaccination and autoimmune diseases or autism. If you don't look for it, chances are you won't find it. But don't say the studies fail to prove alink. Because you never set out to answer the question.

Don't ask Pharma because they answer to their shareholders first.

Don't ask paid spokespeople, because you get what you pay for.

And don't ask the CDC because they just admitted that the database and methodology they used to prove vaccines don't cause autism were flawed and misleading.

If vaccines did not cause injury and death, there would not have been nearly $2 billion in compensation paid out to families.

Vaccines cause injury and death. Does the government have the right to force all children to be vaccinated if the causal research has not been done?

It's quite simple. Do the analysis, tell the whole truth, let parents decide.

If you receive money from the vaccine industry, do us a favor and stand down. Your words hold no currency.

Truth has a funny way of prevailing. Each of us will answer to and be judged by the generations to follow.

A special note to Dr. Offit. Self-promotion and personal enrichment havealways invited scrutiny. You actively court the media for personal gain.By all appearances, you have never turned down a Pharma grant, stipend,award, consulting gig or media event to pad your wallet and sellvaccinationto the masses. And yet you decline to be interviewed by Sharyl Atkisson of CBS News who has uncovered egregious examples of conflict of interest? Face your critics, Dr. Offit. America deserves to take its measure of you as a medical professional and a public health servant.

- Louise Kuo Habakus