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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Vaccines in the News 9/30

[9/30]( 90,000 swine flu vaccine doses on way - NJ (StarLedger)

[9/30]( Swine flu: will modern medicine save us?

[9/30]( OSU med center adopts flu vaccine rules

[9/30]( Maine awaits vaccine as H1N1 moves up coast

[9/30]( Rule change could facilitate flu shots for teens - Iowa

[9/30]( Cancer jab safe say health chiefs

[9/30]( Maine Kids Not Getting Needed Vaccinations

[9/30]( Second girl from Natalie school in 999 drama after cervical jab (DailyMail)

[9/30]( Girl dead from cancer vaccine had serious underlying condition (IrishTimes)

[9/30]( IACC: They Had to Have it Their Way (AoA)

[9/29]( Groundwork Laid for Mandatory Vaccination in Georgia

[9/29]( IACC Scientific Workshop on Autism Strategic Plan Webcast (AoA)

[9/29]( Hospital requires flu vaccines for all employees - Chicago (ABCNews)

[9/29]( How the First Family Can Lead on Swine Flu (WSJ)

[9/29]( Health Care Workers Rally Against Flu Vaccine Mandate

[9/29]( Health Care Workers Protest Mandatory H1N1 Vaccination (CBSNews)

[9/29]( N.Y. health care workers protest mandatory H1N1 flu shots (USAToday)

[9/29]( N.Y. Health Care Workers Revolt Over H1N1 Vaccine

[9/29]( CDC Looks to Force Vaccines on a National Scale

[9/29]( Students Could Be Kept From School Without Vaccinations - PA

[9/29]( Schools and councils across Britain suspend cervical cancer vaccines after death of girl, 14 (DailyMail)

[9/29]( FDA delays ruling on Glaxo cervical cancer vaccine (AP)

[9/29]( (TimesOnline)

[9/29]( Cervarix: Vaccine Claims It's First Victim?

[9/29]( Funeral homes prepare for possible H1N1 surge

[9/29]( Cervical cancer vaccinations suspended by NHS Trust after girl, 14, dies within hours of jab (DailyMail)

[9/29]( UK teenager "unlikely" to have died from vaccine (Reuters)

[9/29]( Cervical Cancer Vaccine connected to more deaths

[9/29]( New York State: Be Vaccinated Or Be Fired

[9/29]( Pregnancy Is No Time to Refuse a Flu Shot (NYTimes)

[9/29]( America's H1N1 Expert Says Scientists Are Clueless About Immune System Reactions to Vaccinations

[9/29]( NJ to get swine flu vaccines in next week

[9/29]( $120 Million for States Made Available as Part of Recovery Act Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative

[9/29]( U.S. Drug Companies Chase Vaccines (WSJ)

[9/29]( Belmar firm partners with A&P to offer flu vaccine clinics

[9/29]( Flu vaccine is mandatory for CHOP, Penn Medicine workers

[9/28]( Fordham Researchers Partner with Doctors to Uncover Keys to Autism

[9/28]( Health care workers protest flu shot rule

[9/28]( CDC Panel Backs Meningitis Revaccination

[9/28]( Merck acquires rights to CSL flu vaccine (Philly Inquirer)

[9/27]( Tell Your Representative to Stop Mercury From Chlorine Plants

[9/25]( No decision on seasonal flu vaccine here - Canada


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