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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Science, Ethics and Politics of Vaccine Mandates - 9/21/10

The Center for Bioethics
of the University of Pennsylvania
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
The University of Pennsylvania Health System and the
Society for Health Care Epidemiology of America

Present a Conference on:

The Science, Ethics and Politics of Vaccine Mandates
Tuesday, September 21, 2010

University of Pennsylvania campus
Biomedical Research Building Auditorium
421 Curie Boulevard
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

You MUST pre-register for this conference with:
Janice Pringle
or call
The Center for Bioethics at 215-898-7136.

Patricia R. Schissel, LMSW
President, AHA
Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Association (AHA) Inc.
PO Box 916
Bethpage, NY 11714

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3-26-10 Vaccinations and Our Children's Health Lecture and Discussion in Montclair, NJ


Friday, March 19, 2010

No More Fear, by Dawn Richardson

No More Fear
by Dawn Richardson
March 17, 2010

Those trying to discredit parents who have legitimate vaccine safety concerns mischaracterize parents as “being afraid” of vaccines.  They use the term "fear" to try and mislead the public into thinking that these parental concerns are somehow irrational, trivial, or not based on credible information. 

Vaccine evangelists have been hitting it hard falsely accusing educated and informed parents as being afraid of vaccines.  You can do your own internet search for many examples, but you won’t want to miss where they pull out all of the stops in their Wired Magazine article An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All

The good news is, as the study Parental Vaccine Safety Concerns in 2009 illustrates, it isn’t working and parents aren’t buying it. 

Here is an example outside of vaccination for the benefit of those so enamored with vaccines that they can’t see their flaws and can’t comprehend what I am saying.   I am not afraid of high fructose corn  syrup or MSG.  As an educated consumer, I choose not to feed these to myself or my family. Why? Because their performance for supporting health is not up to my standards. In other words, their benefits are not worth the risk. 

The same applies to my view, and I firmly believe from experience, many other parents' views, on vaccines.  Parents love their kids and want the best for them.  If parents are losing confidence in vaccines, it is not because they are more afraid than they used to be. It is because they are becoming educated and informed, and the benefits claimed are not worth the risk of the harm the vaccines can cause.  

Here’s the bottom line take home message to anyone who really wants to understand what is going on: the standards of the vaccine industry and the government regulatory bodies are not high enough for a growing number of educated parents.  Thank GOD that we live in a country where parents who care about their children get to have higher safety standards than the government or vaccine industry.  

Parents aren’t afraid – they just simply aren’t buying into the propaganda job by the “fear” slingers because no amount of “education” will undue the fact that just about everybody now knows somebody whose life has been irreparably harmed due to vaccine reactions.  Bad vaccine reactions happen far too often.

That does not make parents afraid; it makes them know they want better for their children. 

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vaccine Injury Story on American Idol? We Are the Mainstream. Public Health and Media is the Fringe. - AGE OF AUTISM

March 17, 2010

Vaccine Injury Story on American Idol? We Are the Mainstream. Public Health and Media is the Fringe.


Last night on American Idol, viewers heard that a contestant had had a "bad reaction to pertussis vaccine and seizures." This the most mainstream program on television. Read JB Handley's post on "The Tinderbox"" and how Americans no longer trust the overloaded vaccine schedule. Please comment if you watched American Idol last night.

Casey James, we learn, had a bad reaction to the pertussis vaccine -- lots of seizures -- and his mother was worried about his delayed speech, until he started humming songs in his crib. He sings "It's All Over Now." He has a great time on stage, rocking out. Randy says he is back. Ellen says for most women, their hearts will race just looking at him, but "for people like me ... blondes ... I thought it was fantastic." Heh. Kara says he really was a rock star, unlike last week when he was just trying. Simon says he look great, sang well, played well, but it felt more like an audition than to him doing something incredible on this big stage. 
You can read more in The Baltimore Sun.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Announcing The American Rally for Personal Rights


Announcing The American Rally for Personal Rights

Vaccination Choice * Parental Consent

We believe in the rights to life, liberty, and personal security for ourselves and our children.

We demand the universal human rights standard of informed consent for all medical interventions. Compulsory vaccination cannot be legally and morally justified.

We affirm
the sanctity of personal space,
the right to be left alone, and
the freedom to make personal health care decisions guided by the professionals of our choosing.

We invite all people, families and organizations committed to protecting these fundamental rights to stand with us in downtown Chicago on May 26, 2010 at our inaugural rally, and to work with us after the rally to support grassroots advocacy, education, and leadership in defense of our personal –
individual, legal, moral, religious, civil, and human-- rights.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Grant Park
Downtown Chicago


1.     Read our article 2010: The Year of Advocacy from the April issue of Autism File magazine and let us know what you think!

2.     Make plans to join us in Chicago on May 26, 2010 and register to attend the rally. The Chicago Park District is asking us for firm numbers by April 9. If you know you'll be there, please sign up now to help us with our planning. And check the site for some great hotel deals that are expiring soon.

3.     Tell everyone you know about the rally. E-mail the flyer and article far and wide. Post on Facebook and Twitter.

4.     Start organizing your bus to Chicago! Contact us and we'll help you fill it! If you live in the Chicagoland area, or if you'll be staying at the Westin O'Hare for the Autism One Conference, we'll be chartering buses to take you to Grant Park.

5.     Volunteer. We need your help, now and during the rally, too. [And if anyone has access to low-cost color copying, let us know.]

6.     Invite like-minded groups to be added to our list of participating organizations! We aren't planning to have corporate sponsors and formal exhibitors, but participating groups will be able to distribute informational materials. Contact us if you're interested!

7.     Suggest rally speakers. We can't make promises but we'd love your ideas. We also want to know about musicians who might want to perform at the rally.


1.     Rally gear... hats, tees, sweatshirts and bumper stickers! We'll be accepting pre-orders this week and expect to start fulfilling orders by the end of the month.

2.     Pledge button. We'll also start asking you to pledge your financial support. When our 501c3 application is officially pending, we'll be able to put up the donate button and ask you to fulfill your pledges. Chicago Park permitting and other fees and expenses will run in the many thousands of dollars so we'll definitely need your help.

3.     More details about the rally, including live streaming, virtual participation, speakers, and more.

4.     An invitation to our post-rally celebration. After the rally, you can sit in traffic. Or you can take a load off, knock back a few, have something to eat, and relive the best moments of the rally with friends. We'll be organizing buses and cabs home, so you won't have to worry about driving.

Thank you for all you are doing to help to make this a truly extraordinary event.

Louise Kuo Habakus
Mary Holland
Bob Krakow
Mia Nitchun
Ginger Taylor...

and a growing list of volunteers and supporters

©2010 Life Health Choices |

This email was sent to To ensure that you continue receiving our emails, please add us to your address book or safe list. View this email on the web here. You can also forward to a friend.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Alert from New Yorkers for Vaccination Information and Choice (NYVIC)

Greetings parents, students & concerned citizens,

In this Alert from New Yorkers for Vaccination Information and Choice (NYVIC) -
* NYVIC support meeting - March 21
* The Harlem Vaccine Forum 2 - March 6
* Update from Lisa Rudley re NY legislation and newly formed NY vax rights action group

------------ --------- ----

NYVIC Vaccination Options Support Meeting
Sunday, March 21, 4 - 5:30 PM (details:
http://nyvic. org/nyvic/ support/default. htm)
at Gumbo, 493 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, NY
Space limited, reservations required, please call 718-855-7808 or e-mail zebulonk@earthlink. net
$10 suggested donation (scholarships available)

------------ --------- ----

presented by The Scholar's Committee of Reverend Al Sharpton's National Action Network
Saturday, March 6, 2010, 1:30 - 5 p.m.
Admission: FREE!

Are vaccines safe or dangerous? Do Vaccines really work? Is there a link between autism and vaccines? How safe is the H1N1 vaccine? Should parents have the right to decide whether or not to vaccinate their children? Are there natural alternatives to vaccines? These and other vital questions will be addressed by a panel of experts:

Dr. Gerald Dees MD - Columnist for the Amsterdam news and other publications, radio/television host.

Dr. Gary Null PhD - Radio and television host and author of multiple books, also NY Times bestselling author

Curtis Cost - Author of: Vaccines Are Dangerous - A Warning to The Global Community 2nd Edition

Dr. Jack Felder - Biochemist, author of multiple books, national lecturer
Dr. Ann Brown PhD - Specialist cell biology/anatomy, professor and national lecturer

Dr. Khemfoia Padu, MH, PhD - Radio and television host, Director of the Foundation for Natural Healing

Reverend Michael Ellner - President of HEAL NYC

Heather Walker - Vaccine choice advocate, organized the healthcare worker's rally in Albany, NY

Rita Palma - Parent Advocate for vaccine choice

Mitchel Cohen - Activists for health and environmental issues

When: Saturday March 6, 2010, 1:30 - 5 p.m.
Where: The National Action Network
106 W. 145th Street (corner of Lenox Avenue)
Harlem, New York 10039 (Take the 3 train to 145th Street)
For directions call: (212) 690-3070?
For additional questions call: (347) 220 -1149

------------ --------- ----

Update re New York State legislature / parents' rights and vaccine choice

On February 9 Lisa Rudley and a number of other New Yorkers, went to Albany to attend the Senate Codes Committee meeting. They were there to oppose Bill S4779, which would allow minors to receive STD vaccines without parental consent or knowledge. The bill was put on hold and was NOT voted on that day.

Lisa asks you to:

KEEP UP THE PRESSURE on the Legislators!
Help Stop the Destruction of Parental Rights in New York Regarding Vaccines

Help DEFEAT Proposed Bills that Would:
1. Permit ALL Present and Future Vaccines and Drugs for Sexually Transmitted Diseases to be Given to New York Children WITHOUT Parental Consent (S4779 and A6702)
2. Legally Force Controversial HPV Vaccine on 6th Grade New York Schoolchildren (A0778)

Please Act NOW: The Codes Committee vote on S4779 could be any given Tuesday.
Let Your New York State lawmakers know these bills are unacceptable!

Lisa's newly formed organization, NY Alliance for Vaccination Choice (NYAVC) will be launching a website shortly. They will need your help and support to continue to be proactive for vaccination choice in New York. If you want to hear more about NYVAC and continue receiving updates from Lisa, please email nyvaccinechoice@ directly.

Health Choices, just follow this link:

http://nyvic. org/nyvic/

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FDA Requests Meeting With Activists Exposing Gardasil Adverse Reactions

You are here: Home By Author Christina England FDA Requests Meeting With Activists Exposing Gardasil Adverse Reactions

Christina England, Gardasil, HPV, Top Stories

FDA Requests Meeting With Activists Exposing Gardasil Adverse Reactions

3 Comments 08 March 2010

FDA Requests Meeting With Activists Exposing Gardasil Adverse Reactions


Christina England

Throughout history there have been strong women debating big issues and changing history, amongst them are Joan of Arc, Emrneline Pankhurst and Amelia Earhart. On the 12th March 2010 in an extraordinary move, six strong, brave women of the world will come forward to present their research, documents and findings involving probably the most controversial vaccine of all times Gardasil to the FDA. What they have uncovered does not make easy reading.

Calling themselves %u2018Little Women with Big Voices%u2019 they have been formally invited by the FDA to present their information. The women making the presentation on behalf of the parents whose daughters have died or have been injured by the HPV vaccines are: Karen Maynor; mother of the late Megan Hild, New Mexico; Rosemary Mathis: whose daughter Lauren was adversely injured, North Carolina; Freda Birrell; political activist and lobbyist, Scotland and the United Kingdom; Leslie Carol Botha; broadcast journalist, Colorado; Cynthia Janak: research analyst, Illinois; and Janny Stokvis: research analyst, Netherlands.

The press release released today, Monday 8th 2010 says

%u201COver 17,500 adverse reactions and 64 deaths have been reported to VAERS (estimated 1 to 10% of the population reporting). The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) has posted 272 VAERS reports of abnormal pap tests post-vaccination. Reports of deaths and injuries are now coming in from the United States, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and India.

Birrell has compiled 40 pages of reports of deaths and injuries from the above countries for the FDA. Stokvis and Mathis have compiled data of vaccine injuries and deaths from VAERS. Botha is presenting studies on menstrual cycle evaluation to prevent vaccine injury %u2013 and the impact of aluminium on the endocrine system. Janak has researched vaccine ingredients and believes that she has found the reason as to why %u201Chealthy%u201D girls have been injured or have died suddenly and unexpectedly within days weeks, months or potentially years after vaccination.%u201D

According to Botha, it has been an amazing effort to mobilize a group of mothers and concerned women internationally to address the dangers of the HPV vaccines. A colleague of Botha%u2019s, publicist Bobbi Cowan from Los Angeles joined the ranks providing here expertise in organizing a national media campaign. A press release was written and the group of six plus Stephen Tunley from Australia, whose daughter was injured by the vaccine, raised $600 to buy a major news release list through a professional news wire service. According to Botha, the group of %u2018Little Women%u2019 is now playing on the same marketing level as Merck and GSK. %u201CThey will be shocked at our savvy, expertise and determination to get our message out to the media and to the public.%u201D

The presentation will be presented by the women to the FDA, on Friday, March 12 in the form of a power point presentation which will include 54 slides. Each member in the group will receive a file containing with over 236 pages of research, data and parental concerns. As soon as the presentation is over the data will be released to the public and media.

I have been told that the information contained in file will send shock waves around the world. There have been problems with this vaccine from the onset. Over the four years that Gardasil has been in use, the media has reported deaths, cases of Guillian Barre Syndrome, paralysis, seizures, blindness, problems with menstrual cycles, miscarriage and yet still this vaccine has been given to our children and women. Warnings have not been heeded and the problems have continued. This vaccine has now approved for use in males.

Merck has stated over and over that this vaccine is safe, the FDA and CDC have stated this vaccine is safe. This has been taken from the Merck website

%u201CHow safe is GARDASIL?

The safety of a vaccine is an important part of its story.

The common side effects include pain, swelling, itching, bruising, and redness at the injection site, headache, fever, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and fainting. Fainting can happen after getting GARDASIL. Sometimes people who faint can fall and hurt themselves. For this reason, your health care professional may ask you to sit or lie down for 15 minutes after you get GARDASIL. Some people who faint might shake or become stiff. This may require evaluation or treatment by your health care professional.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the FDA have reviewed all the safety information available to them. Based on data available to them as of May 2009, the CDC and FDA determined that GARDASIL continues to be safe and effective, and its benefits continue to outweigh its risks. In August 2009, the CDC reaffirmed its continued recommendation for vaccination with GARDASIL in females. In October 2009, the FDA approved the use of GARDASIL in boys and young men ages 9 to 26 to protect against 90% of genital warts cases.

For more information on GARDASIL, talk to your doctor or health care professional.%u201D

Karen Maynor one of the women involved in the presentation has told me her daughter Megan died after using this vaccine. Megan%u2019s story along with the many others is included on the website The Truth About Gardasil a site dedicated to the girls who have lost their lives to Gardasil a vaccine manufactured by Merck to help protect women against cervical cancer.

%u2018Truth About Gardasil%u2019 was designed to remember the girls who have lost their lives but also to alert the public to the dangers of Gardasil. The mission statement is firm stating %u201CThis website is dedicated to the girls whose lives have been taken way too early because of this vaccine. It is also dedicated to their families who continue on in this fight. We must unite to get this vaccine off the market, together we CAN make a difference!%u201D

In a recent interview with journalist Marcia G. Yerman, Huffington Post , Expert Dr Diane Harper outlines these issues when speaking about the pros and cons of Gardasil.

Harms of HPV Vaccination:
%u2022 Duration of efficacy is key to the entire question. If duration is at least fifteen years, then vaccinating 11-year-old girls will protect them until they are 26 and will prevent some pre-cancers, but postpone most cancers. If duration of efficacy is less than fifteen years, then no cancers are prevented, only postponed.
%u2022 Safety: There is at least one verified case of auto-immune initiated motor neuron disease declared triggered by Gardasil [presented by neurologists at the 2009 American Neurological Association meeting in Baltimore, Maryland). There are serious adverse events, including death, associated with Gardasil use.
%u2022 No population benefit in reduction of cervical cancer incidence in the United States with HPV vaccination as long as screening continues.
%u2022 Incidence rate of cervical cancer in the United States based on screening is 7/100,000 women per year.
%u2022 Incidence rate of cervical cancer if women are only vaccinated with Gardasil is 14/100,000 per year (twice the rate of cervical cancer if young women vaccinated with Gardasil do not seek Pap testing at 21 years and the rest of their life).
%u2022 Incidence rate of cervical cancer with Cervarix vaccination is 9/100,000 per year%u2013 better than with Gardasil, but still more than with screening alone.
%u2022 Incidence of cervical cancer without screening and without vaccination is nearly 90/100,000 per year. The combination of HPV vaccine and screening in the U.S. will not decrease the incidence of cervical cancer to any measurable degree at the population level. Those women who do not participate in Pap screening, and who are vaccinated, will have some personal benefit for five years for Gardasil and 7.4 years for Cervarix (maybe longer), but they will not affect the population rates.

Boosters for Gardasil after antibodies wane makes the cost of vaccination escalate significantly, and cause implementation challenges to reach those women who might want to be revaccinated.%u201D

Slightly different to what Merck are saying don%u2019t you agree?

Jeffry John Aufderheide from agrees that he feels that it is big bucks that is driving the vaccine saying :-

%u201CIn general, many are becoming wise to the fact that young women are being monetized with the cervical cancer vaccines. At $130.27per vaccine, Gardasil is the most expensive on the market. What we know from the documents made available is the Gardasil vaccine has been one gigantic experiment. The FDA is now between a rock and a hard place. Do they continue protecting the brand of corporations or will management recognize a moral responsibility to protect these young women from an experimental product?%u201D

The USA Government seem to have few concerns about Gardasil and have pushed for its use.

The Republican Governor Rick Perry has been reported to have pushed for all girls in Texas to be vaccinated at 11 %u2013 12 signing an executive order requiring this to be mandatory for entry to 6th grade.


A critical look at a new and controversial vaccine by Ralph W. Moss, PhD says

%u201CDespite vocal opposition from some religious groups and worried parents, on February 2, 2007, the Republican governor of Texas Rick Perry signed an executive order requiring all 11- and 12-year-old Texas schoolgirls to be vaccinated with Gardasil. This is a newly approved vaccine, manufactured by the pharmaceutical giant, Merck, Inc. It is designed to prevent infection with four strains of the human papillomavirus (HPV): types 6 and 11, which cause genital warts, and types 16 and 18, which are among the 30 or more strains that are capable of causing cervical cancer.

By signing this executive order, Gov. Perry bypassed the Texas legislature, and thereby avoided an open political debate on this controversial issue. Grassroots opposition in the Texas legislature may yet reverse this unilateral decision (see below). But at this writing the order stands: any girl who wants to enter sixth grade next September in the Lone Star State will have to show proof that she has received three Gardasil injections before school begins.%u201D

Of course if you trace Mr Perry%u2019s activities the usual conflicts of interest emerge. He has been reported to have links to Merck including the following as reported in Rick Perry%u2019s Ties With Merck Run Deep %u2013

%u201COne of the drug company%u2019s three lobbyists in Texas is Mike Toomey, his (Perry%u2019s) former chief of staff. His current chief of staff%u2019s mother-in-law, Texas Republican state Rep. Dianne White Delisi, is a state director for Women in Government.

Toomey was expected to be able to woo conservative legislators concerned about the requirement stepping on parent%u2019s rights and about signalling tacit approval of sexual activity to young girls. Delisi, as head of the House public health committee, which likely would have considered legislation filed by a Democratic member, also would have helped ease conservative opposition.

Perry also received $6,000 from Merck%u2019s political action committee during his re-election campaign.%u201D

Another report Larry describes Perry as snarky, scheming, and slimy.

However, from my research into vaccines this seems to be the usual dodgy pattern when you study the wheeling and dealing that goes on behind the scenes of the Governments we trust and it is easy to see why. It benefits Merck hugely to get officials on side if you consider the fact that every child vaccinated with Gardasil is worth $360 to Merck. If this vaccine becomes mandatory throughout the USA it is a nice little earner for the drug giants.

If the drug companies and Governments were honest with the public it would not take brave women of the world prepared to take risks to expose and uncover the truth. The truth would already be there and so to would our trust.


A personal message from Leslie Botha concerning Gardasil%u2026

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Danish Scientist Absconds with $2 million, Poul Thorsen "Proved" Vaccines Don't Cause Autism - AGE OF AUTISM

Excerpt from David Kirby's Animal Factory on HuffPo | Main | Bloomington Alternative on Autism, Vaccines and Mercury

March 07, 2010

Danish Scientist Absconds with $2 million, Poul Thorsen "Proved" Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

Autism action network

This startling story, as yet unseen in the mainstream media, is from our friends at The Autism Action Network.

A Danish scientist who was a key researcher in two studies that purport to show that mercury used in vaccines and the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine do not cause autism is believed to have used forged documents to steal $2 million from Aarhus University in Denmark according to reports in the Copenenhagen Post Online and a statement from Aarhus University.

 Poul Thorsen, MD PhD, headed up a research unit at Aarhus University that was hired by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prepare a series of studies that would exonerate thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative and adjuvant used in vaccines, and the MMR vaccine from any role in causing autism. The veracity of the two studies he co-authored is now in doubt.

 These studies formed the foundation for the conclusions of several Institute of Medicine reports that claimed that it was highly unlikely that thimerosal or MMR were implicated in autism.

 In a statement Aarhus University officials said that believe Thorsen forged documents supposedly from the CDC to obtain the release of $2 million from the University. Thorsen resigned abruptly in March 2009 and left Denmark. Since then Thorsen has held several jobs in the US, first at Emory University in Atlanta and then at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Documents show that as late as January 22, 2009. Thorsen was employed at Drexel. Any reference to Poulsen has now been deleted from the Drexel website.

 Investigations also revealed that while employed full-time for the University of Aarhus in Denmark, Thorsen simultaneously held a fulltime position at Emory University in Atlanta, and drew salaries from both Universities despite a contract with Aarhus forbidding outside employment. According to the statement from Aarhus University.

 Autism advocacy groups have published extensive analyses on Thorsen's studies and found many problems in methods, assumptions and conclusions that are supported by the data. And Thorsen is the lynchpin in the series of studies used to dismiss concerns about thimerosal and MMR causing autism.

 See SAFEMINDS analysis of Thorsen's role in the discredited studies HERE.

See the Copenhagen Post Online article HERE.

 See the statement from Aarhus University HERE.

Read more at: Age of Autism this week.

 The two studies now in doubt include:

 Thimerosal and the occurrence of autism: negative ecological evidence from Danish population-based data.

Madsen KM, Lauritsen MB, Pedersen CB, Thorsen P, Plesner AM, Andersen PH, Mortensen PB, Pediatrics. 2003 Sep;112(3 Pt 1):604-6.

 A population-based study of measles, mumps, and rubella vaccination and autism.

Madsen KM, Hviid A, Vestergaard M, Schendel D, Wohlfahrt J, Thorsen P, Olsen J, Melbye M., N Engl J Med. 2002 Nov 7;347(19):1477-82.


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Just wrote a letter to "Whom it May Concern"
at the New England Journal of Medicine, asking them to completely redact any and all of Dr. Thorsen's work as his intentions, credibility, and reputation are now in question. I refrenced the articles listed on this site. I urge you all to do the same. Here is the link:

Posted by: Natasha | March 08, 2010 at 11:51 AM

Cherry Sperlin Misra

I dont get it . I thought that "Science has spoken" . I guess not. I think it was just the Wizard of Oz. Nevermind, I guess the guys at the IOM just made a mistake.
Seriously, Who WERE the stupid guys at the IOM? Could we have some names please, so that maybe, just maybe, some future scientist will think twice before he plays roulette with the lives of children.

Posted by: Cherry Sperlin Misra | March 08, 2010 at 10:55 AM


They'll still quote these studies. Sigh.

Posted by: Mom23boys | March 08, 2010 at 08:55 AM


Bl**dy hell! This is dynamite! I hope it ends up blowing the 'rats nest' to smithereens.

Posted by: Cybertiger | March 08, 2010 at 07:37 AM

Craig Willoughby

I thought Thorsen was involved in the Thimerosal studies, not the MMR studies.

Posted by: Craig Willoughby | March 08, 2010 at 05:56 AM


Madsen KM, Hviid A, Vestergaard M, Schendel D, Wohlfahrt J, Thorsen P, Olsen J, Melbye M., N Engl J Med. 2002 Nov 7;347(19):1477-82. These supposed scientist and physicians as well the AAP and the CDC and the FDA AND YES THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE can only be described as completely and utterly corrupt. A nest of rats as it were.

I am absolutely going to call the New England journal of medicine tomorrow and write them a letter and say WTF!?! I will also encourage every physician I know to do the same and everybody on this blogg should also contact them and ask them how dare they not be more discriminating in who they allow to publish in their journal as this is way beyond scandalous this is out right heresy with the NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINES NAME ALL OVER IT.

For good measure I am going to go over and give those monkeys in ORAC'S peanut gallery a good going over as well and so should everybody else they deserve it.

Posted by: WILLIE | March 08, 2010 at 04:00 AM


This guy must be very greedy. I would think that with two full time positions and a good reputation (not) with what would have to be a better than average income. 2 MIL?? How in the world would stealing 2 million dollars be worth what you would lose.
This whole thing is fishy.

Posted by: kathleen | March 07, 2010 at 11:22 PM


What a scumbag. But will the major news media pick it up? "Dear Matt Lauer, could you ask Nancy if it is a controvercy yet?" LOL!!!

Posted by: jen | March 07, 2010 at 11:03 PM


anyone called Sheryl Atkinson and CBS ???

Posted by: Ralph | March 07, 2010 at 10:26 PM


Ok one more then I'm going to stop...
RUN! POUL! RUN!!! er, I mean Forrest.
Keep running you tight ass son of a bitch because the longer you run the more damned they look. Am I just getting some sort of sick pleasure out of this?? I am ain't I?

Posted by: rileysmom | March 07, 2010 at 08:25 PM

alison macneil

Help me, I've fallen into a giant pit of cynicism and I feel sure this will never make it to mainstream media. Please let me be wrong.

Posted by: alison macneil | March 07, 2010 at 08:24 PM


Why can't Dr. Thorsen just use insider trading and scam someone like Dr. Koop ??? A two million dollar research scam.....whoa Nancy.

Dr. Fancy and Dr. Offit will probably on tomorrow and explain the whole mess. They should be able to calm fears and renew fears of the H1N1 virus that may still kill millions in the US.

Dr. Fancy should then be able to change the subject, and spend 15 minutes talking about the measles.

Posted by: cmo | March 07, 2010 at 08:02 PM


Damn. What are the usual suspects going to cite now for their "iron-clad" corroborations?

I'll repeat this info just in case anyone's filing it. Emory is also connected to Thomas Insel and the scandal involving millions of NIMH and NIH grants given to academic researchers who failed to declare they were on the pharma payroll (the NIMH and NIH may have known this).

So I wonder if the Danes might have announced the problem with Thorsen now because Charles Grassley is closing in on Emory for conflicts and possible research fraud?

Read the letter sent by Grassley to NIH demanding all of Insel's correspondences:

Insel was director of Yerkes, professor of psychiatry in the School of Medicine, and adjunct professor of psychology at Emory.

Coverage of NIH/NIMH/Emory/Grassley issue:

Posted by: Gatogorra | March 07, 2010 at 07:09 PM


Posted to Dr Nancy's FB page...highly doubt it will go through but SOMEONE reads them before they go through her "fan filter".
"Is this a controversy? Danish Scientist Absconds with $2 million, Poul Thorsen "Proved" Vaccines Don't Cause Autism. The fact that our own CDC is frantically trying to "find" this man? Answer honestly. I realize you have your "fan filter" but even YOU need to be accountable for your statements and actions in the media. Yes, even YOU."
See even on FB she can't be honest. She can't take the heat. Welp, I tried.

Posted by: rileysmom | March 07, 2010 at 07:06 PM


Dear Matt Lauer, Could you ask Nancy if it is a controvercy yet?
HA AHA HAAHAAA HAAA!!! OH HEE HEEE HEEEE!!! I have a feeling that Dr Nancy pants will make herself "unavailable" for interviews at this time.
Still, I laughed out loud for that one...a simple LOL just wouldn't do!!!
I may just post this on her FB page...doubt it will go through but still worth a try.

Posted by: rileysmom | March 07, 2010 at 06:57 PM


Full applause for this comment!!

"A brief google search seems to indicate that CDC and Emery U. are rather interconnected, and that CHOP and Drexel U. seem to be as well, but maybe that's "confusing correlation with causation."

Posted by: Beth | March 07, 2010 at 06:55 PM


A brief google search seems to indicate that CDC and Emery U. are rather interconnected, and that CHOP and Drexel U. seem to be as well, but maybe that's "confusing correlation with causation."

Posted by: JenB | March 07, 2010 at 06:15 PM

Amy Becker Clark

Where's Thorsen's GMC-style investigation into ethics charges? Why aren't years and millions spent burning him at the stake Wakefield-style? I won't hold my breath waiting for this to happen.

Posted by: Amy Becker Clark | March 07, 2010 at 05:26 PM


Any idea what the documents were that he forged????

Ahhhh, I see, working for two places at once was just starting to turn over a rock

Forged documents - the rock is turned over.

And what is beneath?

Posted by: Benedetta | March 07, 2010 at 05:19 PM

K Fuller Yuba City

Dear Matt Lauer, Could you ask Nancy if it is a controvercy yet?

Posted by: K Fuller Yuba City | March 07, 2010 at 05:07 PM

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Are Flu Shots Effective at Preventing Illness? - Yahoo! News

Are Flu Shots Effective at Preventing Illness?

In December, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched a public health campaign in the U.S. encouraging vulnerable patients - particularly the elderly - to "protect yourself and the ones you love against flu: GET VACCINATED!" At least one flu-vaccine researcher disagreed with the message: Tom Jefferson, an epidemiologist with the prestigious Cochrane Collaboration, which has headquarters in Britain.

Jefferson and colleagues have published several systematic reviews of existing studies on the efficacy of influenza vaccines. Weighing the data, they conclude that there is insufficient evidence to indicate that flu vaccines reduce infection rates or mortality, even in the elderly. Jefferson, a former British army doctor now based in Rome, spoke with TIME about his quest to spur further research into flu vaccines. (See TIME's special report on how to live to 100.)

On Feb. 16, the Cochrane Library published your updated review of all major studies on the efficacy of flu vaccines for the elderly, some of the results of which you believe to be preposterous. Can you explain?
We looked at studies on vaccines in the elderly and in health care workers who work with the elderly, and we found an implausible sequence of results. We have studies that claim up to 90% effectiveness against death from all causes [in inoculated patients compared with the nonvaccinated]. If you were to believe that evidence, you would believe that flu vaccine is effective against death not only from influenza, but also from heart attack, stroke, hypothermia, accidents and all other common causes of death among the elderly. That is quite clearly nonsense.

This is not to say that these and other studies, taken together, suggest that vaccines don't work for the elderly. The answer is a question mark. We don't know what protection, if any, vaccines offer. I don't think that's a bad thing. Uncertainty is the motor of science. We need large studies to find out.

Why do you think such studies have not been done?
I don't know. We've known for years that we needed proof one way or the other, and governments have not taken any notice of this. It's an extraordinary situation. (See how to prevent illness at any age.)

One argument I've heard is that it would be unethical to compare vaccines against a placebo because you would be withholding crucial treatment from patients. Do you agree?
No. We don't know these vaccines work, so you can't make that claim. But if you really find placebos to be unethical, then why don't you randomize against masks, hand-washing, gloves, distancing - public health measures that have proven to be effective?

You are a big fan of these so-called physical interventions. Why?
There is solid evidence that they work against all [flu viruses], not just specific strains [unlike the flu vaccine, as it is designed]. They are culturally acceptable and cheap, and they reduce transmission rates of other viruses too. A great American called Stephen Luby of the CDC has published a study from Karachi, Pakistan, that found that physical interventions are lifesavers. He should receive a Nobel Prize for his work, but I'm sure he never will. (Comment on this story.)

Why do you think your reviews have not filtered down to policymakers?
In a separate study we looked at the science that policymakers use, and it's disturbing how large the gap is between policy and evidence. We looked at the World Health Organization, CDC and U.K., Australian and German authorities - they have what it is called a "citation bias." They cite some studies that support vaccines, but other studies that find no effect are left out. Most importantly, there is no critical appraisal of the methods. [Cochrane reviewers examine the methodology of all studies they include in their systematic reviews.] It's disturbing. I think with influenza there's a feeling in governments that "we have to do something." Well, you can do something: you can better promote cheap public health measures such as hand-washing. They work. (See the top 10 medical breakthroughs of 2009.)

Do you have trouble getting people to believe you?
There's no way that the Cochrane Collaboration can compete with governments. It's David vs. Goliath. When Obama promotes vaccines, I have no chance. I can't take on Obama.

So what would you recommend that people who are over 65 do to protect themselves from flu?
If they want to base it on good evidence, they should wash their hands. I would also encourage them to write to their Congressman or Senator, asking them to put pressure on the U.S. government to run a proper trial and get an answer to whether these vaccines actually work.

Are you skeptical of the efficacy of all vaccines?
People always ask me if I am against other vaccines. I am not. I have five children. They have all been vaccinated against the major diseases as part of the standard childhood-vaccination program. Those vaccines have strong evidence to back them up. I am not antivaccine. I am anti–poor evidence.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Ask The #Governor on NJ 101.5 About #Vaccination Choice in #NewJersey

New Jersey 101.5 Governor Chris Christie joins Eric Scott in-studio for "Ask The Governor" every month. The next program is this Wednesday, March 3rd at 7PM. What would you "ask the Governor"?

SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION for Governor Chris Christie. Chris Christie joins Eric Scott in-studio for Ask The Governor program every month. The next program is Wednesday, March 3rd at 7PM. It's an hour of discussion on the challenges facing the new Governor with your calls at 1-(800) 283-1015.

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