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Friday, October 9, 2009

Vaccines In the News 10/9

[10/9]( Urgent lawsuit filed against FDA to halt swine flu vaccines; claims FDA violated federal law (NaturalNews)
[10/9]( Hepatitis B Vaccine: An Unmitigated Disaster (AoA)
[10/9]( SafeMinds Asks: What Causes Autism & Has Science Really Ruled Out Vaccines? (AoA)
[10/9]( Many residents don't want swine flu shots (CourierPost)
[10/9]( Airports To Screen Passengers For H1N1 Symptoms
[10/9]( Don't Mess with Mercury
[10/9]( The RFID Conspiracy – Can All Americans Really Be `Tagged'?
[10/9]( The Public Relations Machine for the Vaccine Complex - Gary Null and Richard Gale
[10/9]( More are forgoing vaccines for kids
[10/8]( Giving Gardasil to boys not cost effective - study (Reuters)
[10/8]( Glenn Beck flirts with sanity (Salon)
[10/8]( AP Poll: 72% Of Parents Worried About H1N1 Vaccine Side Effects
[10/8]( Glenn Beck - H1N1 Who Do You Trust?
[10/8]( Quarantine Flu Patients - Massachusetts
[10/8]( The Great Swine Flu Vaccine Propaganda Campaign Has Begun
[10/8]( Areas Hit Hard by Flu in Spring See Little Now (NYTimes)
[10/8]( In New York, You Get the Shot Or Walk the Plank
[10/8]( The Far Right's Mistrust of Government Prevents a Rush (Limbaugh) to H1N1 Vax? (AoA)
[10/8]( NJ health care workers among first to get vaccines (AP)
[10/8]( Flu-y Goodness! And East Baton Rouge School's "Research Project"
[10/8]( New Jersey launches electronic autism registry
[10/8]( Glaxo sees huge rush for Pandemrix supplies
[10/8]( New Brunswick's H1N1 (Swine Flu) Vaccine Autism Experiment - Canada
[10/8]( Weekly Flu Watch – What swine flu ISN'T doing this week
[10/8]( World's largest country reports first swine flu death
[10/8]( Pregnant Women Urged To Get Vaccine With Controversial Preservative (ABC)
[10/8]( Opponents jab at swine flu vaccine - Dr Eisenstein
[10/7]( Cocaine addiction vax trial offers some hope to users
[10/6]( German Gov. Orders Pharma to Make New "Swine Flu" Jab Without Mercury & Squalene
[10/5]( Mass vax campaign triggers mass confusion
[10/3]( Mercury and Aluminum and Squalene, Oh My!


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