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Friday, October 9, 2009

Are Vaccines Safe & Effective? Educational Seminar by Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, MD 10-28 @ 6:30pm in Morristown, NJ


Are Vaccines Safe and Effective?
An Educational Opportunity for Parents and Practitioners

with Lawrence B. Palevsky, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Come hear the renowned board certified pediatrician and sought-after lecturer, present his research on the safety and efficacy of vaccines and offer his experience on using a holistic approach to child care. Bring your questions!

In this workshop, you will hear discussions on vaccine science:

? What is current vaccine science and who is funding it and doing it?
? How do vaccines work, and have they done, and do they do what we're told they do?
? What role do vaccine ingredients play when injected into infants and children?
? What do the ingredients do to our children once they're injected?
? Do vaccines contribute to the development of chronic illnesses in children?
? How do our children get into school if they're not vaccinated?
? How does the immune system work in babies and children?

Attendees will hear some of the answers to these questions, along with the research that questions whether vaccines are safe and effective, and whether the scientific process is even at work to prove the answers to these questions. Attendees will also be asked to look at the issues that drive us to make the decisions we make, many of which come to us through fear, bullying, uncertainty, and a lack of knowledge, and to perhaps think alternatively about how illnesses occur and disappear.


$25 single
$40 couple

Space is limited. 
Early reservations are advised.

Go to
Click on Events
Follow the lecture information and link to purchase your tickets. 
Tickets will not be mailed - your name will be at the door.

For further information about this lecture: 
(917) 617 6149




Hyatt Hotel Morristown
Three Speedwell Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

For directions: 

About Dr. Palevsky

Dr. Palevsky provides patients and their families with personalized, comprehensive consultations to address their children's wellness, and/or acute or chronic illness. He offers consultations and educational programs to families in the areas of preventive and holistic health, nutrition for infants and children, safe and alternative treatments for common and difficult to treat pediatric conditions, vaccination controversies, mindful parenting and rethinking the medical paradigm.

As well as providing wellness care and check-ups to families looking for a holistic pediatrician, Dr. Palevsky uses an integrative approach with children and families who experience such conditions as ADD/ADHD, Autism, asthma, eczema, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, ear infections, chronic congestion, diabetes, obesity, learning disabilities, developmental delays, neurological conditions, side effects of chronic medication use and perceived vaccination damage. Dr. Palevsky maintains practices in Manhattan and in Northport, Long Island.

For more information about Dr. Palevsky and his practice or speaking engagements, please visit his website:

"I just had lunch with a friend of mine.......We were talking about our children and I was telling him the story of the miracle Doctor that came into our lives......I know I mentioned this to you before, but there have been few people that have had such a profound effect upon our lives as you. Sometimes I cannot believe it. Suddenly, my eyes have opened to an infinite world of possibilities because you changed the course of my daughter's life. Forever. " Jed M. 

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