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Friday, September 25, 2009

Vaccines In The News 9/25

[9/25]( American health workers worry about swine flu vaccine amid fears of autumn outbreak

[9/25]( Latest swine flu count

[9/25]( Cape May NJ County schools to receive swine flu vaccine (PressofAC)

[9/25]( UK Children Brainwashed into MMR Vaccine Support Through Manipulation of Academic Exams

[9/24]( Tamiflu for Oral Suspension: Potential Medication Errors

[9/24]( Manufacturers to blend swine flu vax into seasonal shot

[9/24]( Doctor Admits Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself & Will Not Give It To His Kids Video

[9/24]( New studies help mold market for flu vaccines

[9/24]( Does Last Year's Flu Vaccine Make you More Susceptible To H1N1? (AoA)

[9/23]( Swine flu prompts changes to Mental Health Act

[9/23]( A world first: Vaccine helps prevent HIV infection (AP)

[9/23]( MOH cautious on flu shot fears

[9/23]( Too soon to write off seasonal flu campaign: medical chief

[9/23]( Get your own beer! Swine flu is on campus (AP)

[9/23]( AIDS vax a surprising success in big trial

[9/23]( Merck offers $500M of Gardasil to poor countries

[9/21]( Vaccination 101: Why vaccines are useless, inefficient and dangerous


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