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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vaccines in the News 9/29

[9/29]( MMR: Overview of the Studies (AoA)

[9/29]( Concerns about Dangers from Swine Flu Vaccine Grow (NaturalNews)

[9/29]( Swine flu vaccines - the case against them

[9/29]( Flu Summit Held As NJ Awaits H1N1 Vaccines

[9/29]( Jeremy Laurance: The swine flu jab is on the way – but do we want to have it?

[9/29]( Americans threatened with jail time, huge fines for refusing to buy health insurance (NaturalNews)

[9/28]( Glenn Beck on Flu Shots - advance to 4:00

[9/28]( Rally in Albany Tuesday Over H1N1 Flu Shot Debate (WOR)

[9/28]( A Participant in the H1N1 vaccine trials has an adverse reaction and coughs up blood

[9/28]( We aren't obligated to be guinea pigs

[9/28]( Schoolgirl dies after cancer jab (BBC)

[9/28]( Your Flu Vaccine Questions Answered (ABCNews)

[9/28]( Johnson & Johnson buys 18 percent stake in Crucell (AP)

[9/28]( Safety advocates gain ground in cell phone debate

[9/26]( S. 2028 Pandemic / Swine Flu / Vaccine Action Thread - Massachusetts

[9/26]( Dr Chris Shaw at the Vancouver Anti Forced Vaccination Rally - video

[9/25]( Immuno-Sterilization In Humans

[9/25]( Weekly flu watch - What swine flu ISN'T doing this week

[9/25]( Microchips and Cancer


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