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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vaccines In the News

[8/31]( Cancer Vaccine Warning - Meet the Gardasil girls
[8/31]( Mercury: Why Don't Pregnant Women Know More? - AoA
[8/31]( Vaccine-Autism Decision a 'Major Disappointment' Says Autism Advocacy Community - AoA
[8/31]( The Fletcher Decision: The Unacceptable Face of the Medical Profession - AoA
[8/31]( Changes Needed For Vaccine Trade Rules - GlaxoSmithKline Swine Flu Vaccine Scandal
[8/31]( MMR – the vaccine damage myth that will not die - Guardian
[8/30]( Pediatric Group Issues New Flu Shot Guidelines - US News
[8/30]( Is Your Child's Classmate Unvaccinated?
[8/30]( A matter of patient safety - AAP policy calls for mandatory flu shots for health care workers
[8/30]( Edison Residents Can Get Price Break On Vaccinations
[8/30]( Covering Vaccines
[8/30]( Child Autism Epidemic Firmly Linked to Environment - HuffPo
[8/30]( Man disabled by MMR vaccine awarded £90,000 after 13-year fight - Telegraph
[8/30]( Africa: Monkeypox Cases Surge in Rural Areas as Price of the Victory Over Smallpox - NYTimes
[8/30]( Plenty of Flu Vaccine Available
[8/30]( Cervarix license amended for additional HPV strains
[8/30]( Preventing flu, whooping cough, reducing TV, and making time for play will make kids happier, healthier - US News
[8/22]( Are You Kidding Me?? New Jersey Childhood Vaccination Rates Are Among the Lowest in the US

( Immunization Graphs - great!!

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