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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Vaccines In the News

[9/1]( CDC Admits No Rigorous Study Refuting Thimerosal-Autism Link Ever Conducted - AoA
[9/1]( Hey! New Jersey Has a Situation:The SafeMinds Funnyraiser - AoA
[8/31]( MMR: The zombie controversy that still lurches on - Guardian
[8/31]( Neonatal Administration of Thimerosal Causes Persistent Changes in Mu Opioid Receptors in the Rat Brain
[8/31]( Latest Report on Flu Fatalities: A Shocking Fabrication
[8/31]( Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson: Vaccine Cover-Up Implodes
[8/31]( Mandatory Flu Vaccine For All Health-Care Personnel: Recommendation By Nation's Leading Infectious Diseases Experts
[8/30]( Vaccine Deaths And Injuries Skyrocket As Cover-Up Implodes
[8/27]( Pentagon pulls $1B from WMD-defense efforts to fund vaccine initiative

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