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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8/16 - Vaccines in the News

[8/16] ( Flu vaccine beginning to arrive as physicians brace for season

[8/16] ( Excuse Me, But Your Opinions are Putting Everyone at Risk – HuffPo

[8/15] ( Vaccine sales hit $22.1 billion

[8/14] ( NIH Launches Effort to Define Markers of Human Immune Responses to Infection and Vaccination – AoA

[8/14] ( Did Anyone Know the the CEO of Reuters was on the Board of Merck? - Adventures in Autism

[8/14] ( Deadly Whooping Cough, Once Wiped Out, Is Back

[8/13] ( Call To Examine Drug Dealer Connections Of Australian Swine Flu 'Experts'

[8/12] ( New vaccine requirement for incoming college students

[8/12] ( More college students are afflicted with severe mental illness


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