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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Response To "The Worst Ideas of the Decade Vaccine scares"

Dear Clive Thompson,

Attached is my formal response to your "The Worst Ideas of the Decade Vaccine scares" editorial that was posted in the on-line Washington Post on Dec 21, 2009 at:

Hopefully, after reading this response and checking the facts, you will, at a minimum, have a better understanding of the other major factors that led to the reduction in both the incidence of, and the mortality from, the childhood and other diseases for which there is currently a CDC-recommended U.S. vaccination program.


Paul G. King, PhD

PS: Please remember that I am an advocate for safe and effective vaccines, provided safety and, for preventive vaccines, long-term effectiveness are proven, and support truly cost-effective mass vaccination programs, provided the assessments include all of the costs of the harm that a given recommended vaccination program does cause to some who are vaccinated under that program and are NOT controlled by those in industry or the government who promote a given mass vaccination program or all mass vaccination programs.

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