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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Jersey 101.5 FM - Vaccine Questions for Our New Governor

New Jersey 101.5.  Governor Christie will be on Wednesday night. If you click on the photo of Christie you can submit your questions to be asked during the call. Please submit questions about vaccines and make sure our message gets on the show. If each one of the loop members ask a question, 101.5 will be overwhelmed by the response. 

Some question ideas if you need them:

  • Why are H1N1 vaccines being offered and pushed on pregnant women when the vaccine has not been tested during pregnancy? This vaccine is a pregnancy category C pharmaceutical and is not tested for safety for the developing fetus. 
  • Why do we mandate flu shots for babies and preschoolers that contain mercury? 
  • How can our state mandate a vaccine schedule that has never been tested for safety? 
  • What is our state doing about the growing number of autistic kids that need schooling and how much is that going to cost taxpayers? 
  • Why do we continue to spend money on flu vaccines that have not been proven effective or safe?
  • How will you make good on your campaign promise to support vaccination choice?
  • What is the action plan for preventing autism in New Jersey?

Thanks for all your help in getting the Governor's attention.

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