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Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the News

Letter: The list of ingredients is scarier than having flu

Maghull schoolgirl paralysed after mystery illness (HPV vaccine)

Defending Vaccines: Actress Dispels Link To Autism

Biological Plausibility of a Relationship Between Vaccines and Autism

FDA Okays Tdap Booster for Adults

2008-2009 Flu Season Thus Far

Worldwide Measles Deaths Drop Dramatically

Measles outbreak leads to mass vaccination for thousands of at riskchildren

DTaP Side Effect: Autism. Now You See It. Now You Don't.

On Media: Why I Hate the British Press

Poor Families Pressed Into Vaccine Trials by Drug Companies; 12Babies Die

CDC urges families to vaccinate kids for flu

Pregnant women are at special risk and should get flu shot

The Flu Vaccine,8599,1864920,00.html

CDC's Children's Flu Vaccination Day is Dec. 9

National Influenza Vaccination Week

Halachic Aspects of Vaccination

A `Hopeful Beginning' For A Malaria Vaccine

The Flu Shot: Exposed (video)

Flu shots urged as season approaches

Vaccination debate: Parents' choice or public health threat?

What Would One Want From A National Vaccine Plan?

Vote for Bodies in Rebellion on

Two sides unable to bridge gap

Speaking the language of vaccines (ICAAC and IDSA joint meeting)

The Army Fighting Autism? The Department of Defense?

Disagreeing with doctor about vaccine dangers

Global Alliance on Vaccine and Immunization

Parents meet with NJ's Health Commissioner

To `Protect your daughters' future'

Tom Daschle is Asking for Your Health Stories


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