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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In the News

MMR: Give parents the right to single vaccinations to halt measles rise

Sanofi Pasteur Wants Liability Protection for Vaccinating PregnantWomen

Vaccine Controversy (Fox video)

Doctors Abandoning Vaccines That Don't Make Them Money

Why should the vaccinated worry about the unvaccinated

Vaccine Layering Extra Risky

Thimerosal in Vaccines

Getting the flu shot when you're pregnant

Shots offered with advent of sick season

Some US doctors may give up vaccines due to cost

Overseas Drug (vaccine) Trials Come Under Scrutiny

HPV Vaccine for Younger Women

The List Keeps Growing: David Kirby on the Autism Vaccine Connection

Adverse court ruling could doom vaccines

Open Letters to Barack Obama

Fear of a measles epidemic: Autism theory to blame?

Measles Aren't Going Away, They're On the Rise

"Mitochondrial Autism" is Real; Vaccine Triggers Cannot Be Ruled Out

Fear of the Invisible - The Virus that never was

Autism fears lead some parents to not immunize children

History of Eli Lilly's Thimerosal and Autism

Autism: Debate Rages over a Rare Case

Elie Ward and the AAP Fighting for the Rights of Vaccine Makers

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