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Thursday, December 4, 2008

In the News

Parents Meet with NJ's Health Commissioner

The Pentagon -- A Voice of Reason on Vaccines and Autism?

CDC and Congress Secrets Vaccine Mercury Report

Measles deaths drop worldwide, report estimates

Flu On Campus: Avoiding Misery For $20

Students, that flu shot could help your grades

Flu study confirms recommendations for kids

Vaccine makers urge speedy accord on pandemic plan

CDC'S December 12 Web Conference to Focus on Vaccination of
Healthcare Personnel

The other side of flu shots

Autism linked to vaccines?

Deirdre Imus: How Do I Find a Green Pediatrician?

Expert urges no-fault vaccine compensation (Canada)

The Great Thimerosal Cover-up

Merck continues to struggle with questions over safety and cost of

The CDC's Vaccination Genocide

MMR jabs plea as measles epidemic hits the West Midlands

Follow-Up to the Trenton Vaccination Choice Rally

Members Address Health Commissioner Heather Howard

Inquest to begin into death of baby after MMR vaccination

Provenge Activists Fail To Get FDA Documents

To Immunize or Not

New Jersey makes Flu vac. mandatory!

DOD and CDC: Studies Suggest a Possible Link Between Multiple
Vaccines and Injury

Call and keep your Vaccination Choice!

MMR baby 'chatting away' hours before his death, inquest hears

Students, that flu shot could help your grades

MMR, autism and a baby's death

Healthy baby died after MMR jab

President Elect Obama: The Medical Director of the Autism Research
Institute Speaks Out

Allergic reactions to Gardasil uncommon

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