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Monday, December 28, 2009

Mainstream media New Years Resolutions for 2010 #6 : ‘Vaccines & Autism’

Each year the mainstream media in America finds itself roundly duped into covering insignificant or less-than-truthful stories with industry-wide gusto.

With so many millions of dollars coursing through the veins of the national press, it is little wonder that news outlets across the country leap into action at even the slightest hint of a juicy headline (or a boy in a balloon) on the wind.

So, like ravenous hyenas, media pundits race to sink their teeth into any given story before facts, figures & other concrete details can be revealed.  (Lest something as unprofitable as the Truth get in the way of a big-money angle.)

Twenty-ot-Nine was a banner year for media whoopsies, and as a service to the mainstream media I have crafted a list of the top ten mistakes to avoid in 2010.

Mainstream Media New Years Resolution # 6 of 10

Avoid parroting reports from government agencies, industry goons & sellout scientists where the health of a generation of children is concerned.  Vaccines are robbing kids of the natural process through which their immune systems grow to respond to threats, and may be responsible for the unprecedented rise in cases of autism.

I know reading a full scientific report is a bit heavy, and talking points from highly paid industry apologists look better in print.  But should cases of autism continue to rise in tandem with continued mass-immunization, the government (most notably the Centers for Disease Control or CDC,) the vaccine industry & the mainstream media will be asked what was done to prevent the most massive instance of medical malpractice in modern American history.

Millions of American parents wonder why their children suddenly stop interacting with their family and start banging their heads and biting siblings.  Millions more wonder why their kids suddenly begin exhibiting neurological disorders after years of healthy development.

While mercury-contaminated vaccines (those containing the organomercurial Thimerosal) continue to be recommended or even mandated throughout American society, reports citing the negative effects of this compound are only now becoming widely distributed.  Thimerosal was banned around the world in 1980, but US drug makers have been allowed to continue using it in the production of vaccines to this day.

One would expect that state and federal lawsuits, increased awareness created by independent media outlets, and a growing public outcry would generate reports from each of the major national news corporations.

With the exception of an isolated report by CNN highlighting contradictory non-scientific judicial panel rulings, that has not happened.  Instead, vaccines of all kinds are promoted by mainstream media as necessary and potentially life-saving based on the recommendations of the CDC and the American Medical Association (AMA.)

While the positive effects of most vaccines are not in doubt, the effectiveness of flu vaccines in particular must be called into question.

Each year mutant strains of influenza arise that nullify the effects of mass-immunization.  We will never overcome the flu, but seem possessed with continuing to fight it.  Children coddled by continued vaccinations fail to develop immune systems that have learned to fight the flu independently of vaccines.

That deficiency, coupled with the potential for mercury-contaminated immunizations to create neurological disorders in recipients, should have long ago resulted in a rigorous examination of the immunization process in this country.  That it has not is an outrageous failure on the part of major media outlets to raise public awareness.

Robert F Kennedy Jr recently spoke out on vaccines as a direct cause of autism, and highlighted the contribution of over-vaccination towards creating the sickest generation of children in American history.  (Also see Part 2 of RFK Jr’s speech for his indictment of the mainstream media in failing to cover this ongoing debate.)  While Mr. Kennedy exhibited typical rich kid on drugs behavior in his 20’s, he has led an impressively noble life since that time as an environmental lawyer and people’s advocate.

Stay tuned every weekday leading up to New Years Eve for Resolutions #’s 7 thru 10!

And remember, a free and independent media is the key to any successful Democracy, but only when said media honors its responsibility to uphold truth above ratings.



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