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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vaccines in the News 8/12/09

[8/12]( What Can I Do To Avoid and Stop Government Mandated Swine Flu Vaccine

[8/12]( Infant Primate Study Links Vaccination with Autism (NaturalNews)

[8/11]( Vaccination Safety and Vaccination Choice

[8/11]( Will Americans follow orders to take flu shots?

[8/11]( Wyeth: FDA Delays Ruling On Sales Of New Prevnar

[8/11]( NY Healthcare Workers Under the Gun for Flu Shots

[8/11]( Preliminary Injuction Correction (NaturalNews)

[8/11]( Sick? Stay Home: Emergency Rooms May Be Ground Zero for H1N1 (FoxNews)

[8/11]( Autism Rate Now at One Percent of All US Children?

[8/11]( Preliminary Injunction to Halt Mandatory Flu Vaccination in the U.S. Has Been Issued

[8/11]( US District Court in NJ Issues Preliminary Injunction to Halt Mandatory Flu Vaccination

[8/11]( Swine Flu Hysteria

[8/11]( Swine Flu Origin - the Porcine Crucible

[8/11]( Mandatory Vaccinations - Who Owns Your Body?

[8/11]( The Politics of Mercury and Your Teeth (HuffPo)

[8/11]( Pneumonia vaccine urged in St. Louis County

[8/11]( Baxter not to provide anti-swine flu vaccine to Czechs

[8/11]( If you must give out flu vaccine, provide related information, too

[8/10]( Selling Out Our Children for Corporate Profits, the American Way!

[8/10]( Bird flu causes Alzheimer's-like brain damage, study says (Globe and Mail)

[8/10]( Flu drugs 'unhelpful' in children

[8/07]( Does virus vaccine increase the risk of cancer?


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