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Friday, October 31, 2008

In the News

Teenager's death spurs vaccination questions, fears

The Vaccine Debate

Keep On Self-Incriminatin'

New Jersey and Autism Perfect Together!

New Jersey To Mandate Cradle Past Grave Vaccination!

The Third Rail of Pediatrics

Death Threats, Hate Mail: Autism Debate Turns Ugly

New Jersey should not mandate flu shots for schoolchildren

Parents everywhere need more vaccination choices for children

The most heavily vaccinated are the most sick

People should be informed about the science, dangers of vaccines

Green our vaccines and administer them with greater care

Autism Is Political: Bob Wright and a UK Perspective

PTA Pushes Flu Shots for Kids (US News & World Report)

Military Wife Asks Obama About Vaccination Beliefs

76% of Americans Unaware Flu Shots Contain Mercury

Autism and Politics: We're On The Island of Misfit Toys

Three Generations of Sorrow: Vaccine-Induced Autism, Chronic Disease andDisability, SIDS, & Parents' Right to Choose (scroll down left side to select audio)

Robert Krakow Interview with Newsweek

David Kirby: What I Said at the Vaccine Forum

New Study: Mercury, Other Toxins May Cause Autism (HuffPo)

Not immune to concern

NBC's Snyderman: Vaccine-Autism Link 'Not Controversial'

Snyderman/Offit video

Don't buy the vaccines-autism myth

Vaccinations' benefits proved; enforce the law

Mandatory flu vaccines now available


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