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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Breaking NJ Vaccination News

10/9: Here is the full video of our segment on Fox & Friends this morning:

At the last second, their staff doctor declined to go on the show (she was only prepared to talk about the bill, not about the flu shot).  We think this is why they cut the segment much shorter than expected.  However, they interviewed us for a longer segment right afterwards for their internet show - click on Thursday’s “After the Show Show.”  We were able to discuss the Trenton rally details.  We also challenged Senators Obama and McCain to take up this issue more prominently and mentioned the requests of the vaccine safety and autism communities for two Executive Orders to be made by the next President within their first 100 days of office (moratorium on all new childhood vaccines until the current schedule is proven safe and removal of thimerosal from all vaccines by 1/1/2010). 

Barbara Loe Fisher from NVIC told Louise today that it is unprecedented in recent history to have this kind of discussion among three "young" moms on national TV.

Hopefully we’ll have information for you about another Fox segment the day of the rally.  They are considering either an early morning show or having a truck on-site to cover the event. 

10/9: We just learned that Governor Corzine called a Special Session of the entire Senate and Assembly at 12pm on 10/16, the precise date and start time of our rally.  Caucuses will probably begin 11:00 or 11:30am.  I will find out more and share it with everyone.  

10/8: Rich Krajewski wrote a terrific Letter to the Editor of the Jersey Journal 

10/6: A reminder that human nature is, well… always with us. 

10/5: Watch the poignant vaccination story of beautiful Max Majeski and his mom’s lessons learned or  It is Max and too many hundreds of thousands of other children who are pushing us to do this urgent work.


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