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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September 2, 2008

Letter to the Editor of The Record:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I'd like to commend Ms. Schilacci for taking some time to investigate this issue. There are, however a few errors and points that should be clarified:

1. I am not the founder of the NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice. The Coalition is comprised of many prominent local, state and national organizations which have come together in support of a voice for parents to have choice regarding vaccines, in view of the substantial gaps in our knowledge and the current science that profoundly challenges conventional belief regarding vaccine safety and efficacy.

2. When I discuss the role of thimerosal in the vaccine debate, I am very clear to stress that the issue of mercury in vaccines doesn't even come close to representing the lion's share of our concerns about mass, forced and increasing vaccination. Having said that, mercury is not good for our children and it is not good for adults either, in any dose, in any form, in any situation, ever. It is the single most non-radioactive neurotoxic substance known to man, up to 1000 times more toxic than lead. And still, the other issues about vaccines are even more troubling.

3. Ms. Schilacci quotes me as questioning the “rhetoric” of injecting dozens of chemicals in our children. Please note that it isn’t merely rhetoric and flowery oratory. It’s fact and it’s real. Check out this table provided by the CDC. Please also note that it isn't just the chemicals. We are talking about virulent, pathogenic viruses and bacteria, replicated on neoplastic (cancerous) cell lines, grown on monkey kidney and chicken embryo tissue, nurtured with "food" derived from fetal calf serum. We are talking about, not just the possibility, but the very strong likelihood of the presence of bacterial and viral contamination and oncogenic substances that can compromise our biological integrity. Read what the FDA has to say. Or ask any molecular biologist or vaccine researcher to opine on the issue. S/he will tell you that we do not have the procedures in place to assure non-contamination. It would cost too much and take too long. Plus, how can you find something if you don't acknowledge or recognize what you're looking for? Prions, deadly animal viruses, it may sound like the stuff of science fiction but the reality is that these substances can cross species lines and have real, long-term, deadly and tragic effects on human beings.

4. Ms. Schilacci provides my quote "At what point do you say there is some integrity to the human body?" without the full context that helps to explain my statement. When it comes to vaccination and our willingness to keep adding more and more shots to the schedule, it is clear that legislators are being unduly swayed because we are not holding public health officials and vaccine makers to the highest standards of scientific inquiry. The controlled studies proving safety do not exist. Period. And so I ask, at what point do we concede that we could be compromising the integrity of the human body by injecting so many pathogens and toxic ingredients into our children without the scientific studies backing safety and efficacy and without full medical and scientific understanding about the mechanism of both vaccine-induced and infectious-disease induced immunity.

5. And finally, Ms. Schilacci requested a quote from a well-respected physician to demonstrate that our views are increasingly mainstream. Labor Day weekend is not the best time to schedule an interview. I offer you a quote from an exceptional board-certified pediatrician, Dr. Larry Palevsky “It's time for us to do due diligence around the subject of vaccines. For too long, we as physicians have accepted, carte blanche, the material we've been taught regarding the safety, efficacy, and science concerning vaccines. It is time for us to practice better science - ask the questions that are uncomfortable to ask, discover the answers we might not be happy to learn about, and keep asking better questions until we have sufficient science to support our vaccine policies. The current vaccine science we accept as dogma is not in line with the respectable scientific standards we claim to uphold. We could be doing better, and our children depend on our precision.” And for good measure, here’s a second quote from Dr. Lawrence Rosen, a board-certified pediatrician and Chief of Pediatric Integrative Medicine at Hackensack University Medical Center, “There are risks associated with all medical practices, including vaccines, so it is important for parents, along with their doctors, to evaluate an individual child’s medical history and health, including genetic predispositions and allergies, to determine what is appropriate. Informed consent is a key ethical principle in medical practice.”

I currently have three seminars scheduled in NJ over the next four weeks. I offered to Ms. Schilacci to return and see the last half of my talk at another venue. The invitation is open to everyone, public and the press alike, to attend our Parent Vaccine Choices seminars held statewide over the next month. Details at and click on Calendar of Events. I also attach a recent press release for your information.

Thank you for your time and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions.

Louise Kuo Habakus
Middletown, NJ

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