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Monday, September 1, 2008

Parent Vaccine Choices Seminars... Movies... Must Read News

Happy end of summer, everyone!


If you have concerns about the increasing number of shots your children have to get for school every year, please attend one of the three remaining Parent Vaccine Choices seminars in NJ over the next month. Register with your name and location selected to

9/4/08 Thu 6-9pm

Long Hill Township Public Library, 917 Valley Road, Gillette

9/10/08 Wed 630-930pm

Mercer County Library, 138 Hickory Corner Road, East Windsor

10/1/08 Wed 7-10pm

Highlands Community Center, 22 Snug Harbor Ave, Highlands

Before you give your child her next round of shots, click on, select the vaccine(s) you’re considering, select other parameters including died, disabled, hospitalized and read the cases. Remember that only about 1 to 10% of all adverse events are reported.

Rally with us in Trenton on September 18 from noon to 1:30pm. Go to for details. Monmouth County residents interested in carpooling, contact us ASAP. We have 8 spots in one van and can try to coordinate a second van if necessary.


(All 50 states) Contact me if you’re interested in screening Gary Null’s film Vaccine Nation in your community. I can provide talking points and support. Depending on your location, we can send someone to help facilitate a discussion afterwards.

We’ll be showing the Emmy award winning 1982 film DPT: Vaccine Roulette* next! This is the first time Americans were told that vaccines could cause permanent, serious traumatic brain injury and death.


8/21: The New England Journal of Medicine says Gardasil – Reasons for Caution:
8/20: The New York Times questions the wisdom of Merck’s full court press on Gardasil:
8/19: I was interviewed about mandated preschool flu shots on NJ 101.5:
8/15: The New England Journal of Medicine says the FDA lacks the ability to serve as the sole guarantor of drug safety, that we need lawsuits to guarantee safety. Does it make sense that we can’t sue vaccine makers for most vaccine injury and death?
7-2007: This 60 Minutes clip is essential viewing. Do you understand how the pharmaceutical lobby works and what it is able to accomplish? Now imagine what else they are up to? (13 mns)
9-2006: Hilarious video clip on the flu shot. “Making your own is easy.”


*This is what Barbara Loe Fisher says about the film: I stood in my kitchen and watched the Emmy Award–winning NBC-TV documentary DPT: Vaccine Roulette, produced by consumer reporter Lea Thompson in spring 1982. I called the television station and asked to see the medical research that had been used to document the show. There, in the pages of Pediatrics, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancet, and The British Medical Journal, I found clinical descriptions of reactions to the pertussis vaccine that exactly matched the symptoms I had witnessed my son have within four hours of his fourth DPT shot.

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