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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DISGRACING THE TRUTH and Other Matters Of Public Health

DISGRACING THE TRUTH and Other Matters Of Public Health

By: Maureen Drummond
New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice
May, 2010

In a recent interview with Readerʼs Digest magazine regarding the H1N1 influenza pandemic and vaccine, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius stated:

“There are groups out there that [sic] insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems, despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We (the Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Services) have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to NOT (my emphasis) to give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting...”

Imagine that! Instructions to the media from the government, not to give its citizens, full disclosure of the risks and harm they unwittingly accept each day with vaccination. This just begs the question, “What donʼt they want us to know and why don’t they want us to know it? I have to imagine public broadcasting’s recent airing made Secretary Sebelius quite proud!

On April 27th, PBS ran a Frontline piece called “The Vaccine Wars.” Frankly, I expected more from my viewer-supported television program. I fail to understand why every initiative the government engages in must be a “war.” A war on drugs. A war on terrorism. A war on disease. Forces of opposition never lend themselves to intelligent and open discussion, nor to peaceful and respectful resolution. The last thing we need is another war! What is urgent and necessary is an understanding and acceptance of the concerns of those who are cautious about excessive vaccination. And yes, 44 vaccines by the age of 6 is an excessive number of vaccinations!

The segment blatantly lacked any viable discussion about the actual products; the injectable substances composed of toxic, carcinogenic and pathogenic material. There was no discussion about what happens in the economy of the human immune system when these harmful substances are allowed direct access to the blood-brain barrier. While several children were pictured in the show suffering from the ravages of diseases like polio and whooping cough, there was no coverage of children injured by vaccination. No coverage of children in wheelchairs. No coverage of those wearing football helmets to prevent additional brain injury from the dozens if not, hundreds of daily seizures. No coverage of those on life support from vaccine injury. No coverage of an autistic child before vaccination and then, afterwards. Why not? Terrible things happen from vaccinations as well as from diseases. Secretary Sebelius has asked the media to silence these Truths so, I ask, “In whose best interest?”

“The Vaccine Wars” broadly painted thoughtful, intelligent, cautious parents as “anti-vaccine” and blamed them for any rise in so-called “vaccine-preventable diseases.” However this tainted and subjective segment neglected to mention that disease outbreaks occur in widely-vaccinated populations. In fact, during the most recent outbreak of mumps in NY and NJ, 88% of those infected had been vaccinated and 75% infected had been vaccinated twice. Why omitthat very critical bit of information? Routinely, the vaccination status of infected individuals is always omitted from media reports, unless of course, the individual is unvaccinated! Vaccinations fail to protectlarge portions of the population.

The perpetuated, misguided notion that diseases are “vaccine preventable” is solidly disputed in evidence when vaccinated people acquire the diseases they were allegedly “protected” against.

It is interesting to note the “experts” contributing to the segment in support of mass vaccination who monetarily profit from the sale of the vaccines. Dr. Paul Offit, a patent holder on Merckʼs Rotavirus vaccine, touted the benefits of his noxious nostrum but neither Frontline, nor Dr. Offit ever mentioned that the vaccine was pulled from the market after 13 children died from complications post-vaccination. No mention. Parents who subject their children to this vaccine have every right to know that the vaccine has previously claimed the lives of at least 13 babies! A risk any responsible parent would want to be made aware of, regardless of how small Dr. Offit claims it is. The vaccine was “reworked” and put back on the market. The FDA failed in its duty to provide safety oversight but rest assured now, the money-making, patent-holder claims it is safe.

Throughout the segment, the alleged experts made no haste in collectively drilling the same point:

Parents donʼt think vaccines are important because they are not old enough to remember how horrible diseases like polio and whooping cough were. They donʼt see the ravages of these diseases anymore.

Quite true. Whether or not that has anything to do with the vaccines is arguable. We no longer see scarlet fever, cholera and typhus but there were never any vaccines for those diseases. What we do see scares us even more-- the ravages of vaccine injury. Our federal government, through the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), recognizes the severity of vaccine injuries ranging from injection site soreness to death, yet there was no mention of this system or registry on the program-- as if it doesn’t exist at all.

Poor Rachel Murphy... gasping for air with an oxygen tube up her nose. The 6 week old had contracted whooping cough, too young to receive the DTP vaccine. Stressing the need for “herd immunity” to “protect” infants like Rachel Murphy, the vaccine advocates, in their infinite wisdom, claim that the vaccination was the only way to protect her and sadly, she was too young to have it. Iʼm guessing the science of passive immunity--antibody protection passed from mother to child through breast milk--is a thing of the past? Or perhaps it simply slipped their minds?

Why canʼt they just tell the Truth? Vaccination cannot guarantee immunity. Vaccines will harm a subset of the population for which there is no scientific model to pre-determine. Vaccine makers have no liability for their products because the government, not the underwriters for the pharmaceutical companies, insures the vaccines,. The manufacturers, however, still enjoy all of their staggering profits. Wouldnʼt every manufacturer across the nation like to enjoy the luxury of absolution from liability when their products maim and kill?

The lies and the deception over vaccination safety and efficacy have paved a well-travelled roadway called fear. We, the naysayers of excessive and mandatory vaccination, have approached the intersection of evidence and sensibility where we have decided to park for a spell and wait for that busload of Truthfulness to arrive. Itʼs not that we donʼt know what we are talking about, itʼs just that they donʼt like what we are saying. Seemingly, in preservation of some proprietary agendas they disgrace the Truth, silence our voices and discredit our work and our names. Shame on them! As American writer Flannery OʼConner said, and I believe her, “The Truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it!”


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