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Monday, April 13, 2009

In the News

Doctor Groups Seek Overturn of Vaccine Jurisdiction Ruling

Pfizer provides top post for vax scientist

Patients warned over Hep B jab

Alison Singer as Autism Czar? Oh Please Lord...No.

Child care, vaccine funding headed to Utah

NJ gets $40M for child care, vaccines

Virginia to get $43 million in stimulus funds for child care, vaccines

Tennessee $45 million for childcare, vaccines

Merck Demands Omerta

Move to 19.00 for the part on HPV vax conversation. Features Jackie Fletcher
from JABS.

A Growing Movement Against Mandatory Vaccines

CDC: Mild flu season apparently winding down

Coffee With 04/08/09: Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy Tackles Autism Head-On

Facing vaccination decision, parents have lots to consider

Immunizing children Phila. mission

The Assault on Freedom of Conscience

HPV Vaccine Batch Makes Girls Sick; Emergency Recall Results

Healing and Preventing Autism Debuts at #7 on New York Times List

Fourteen Studies? Only if you never read them.

The Somali autism puzzle

Vaccines: What Every Parent Should Know

Pharmaceutical companies need more protection

Vaccines and autism - do vaccine makers have horns and tails?

Have a (Dr.) Berger. And (the AAP) Fries.

Generation Rescue's Call to Action on IOM Committee

Unvaccinated Children Do Not Pose A Threat

Let them eat.... drugs?

Doctor-Heroes Standing For Better Vaccine Science

Commentary: Another view on vaccinating our children

Charting a new course at the FDA

Nigeria outbreaks a setback for polio eradication

Autism - Genetic Risk Factors and Warning Signs to Stop Vaccinating

Letters: Doctors reversing autism

Pharmaceutical companies need more protection

Vaccines Implicated in Rocketing Childhood Diabetes Rates

How safe is the cervical cancer jab? Five teenagers reveal their alarming

Does Autism exist? I say NO because it is brain damage!

British Minister Misled Parliament Over US MMR Autism Case

Are We Winning the Vaccine-Autism War?

Pfizer Reaches Settlement In Nigerian Drug-Trial Case

Gardasil Helps Younger Males

Science trumps speculation: MMR not linked to autism

Bennett bill would let parents choose vaccination schedule

Autism and Vaccines Around The World: Vaccine Schedules, Autism Rates and Under
5 Mortality

From CNN Live!

Suspension notices issued to 700 Niagara students who haven't had booster shots

Dr Bernadine Healey on Larry King Live

Second flu strain making people sick

Autism isn't the only Adverse reaction—Our son, Cameron, Passed Away

Peete vs. Peet

The London Rally - But Home is Where the DVD Is

Watch The London "Open Your Eyes To Autism" Rally

Autism is Preventable and Reversible. Watch Autism Yesterday Here.

Parents United Against Autism Appeal: The Somali MN Autism Epidemic

Martin J. Walker on the UK GMC Hearing: This Contemptuous Hearing

To immunize or not?

Hib disease deaths put focus on vaccine shortage

Jenny McCarthy Talks About Autism and Vaccines,8599,1888718,00.html

Rat Poison Chemical Found in Ingredient List For HPV Vaccine

Excerpt: 'Healing and Preventing Autism: A Complete Guide'

Gardasil Side Effects? Parents Seek Answers

Vaccine Choice and Awareness Webinar April 5

The Autism File Campaign: California Moms

An "Open Letter" from Generation Rescue to the Institute of Medicine (IOM)

Report finds high rates of autism in Somali kids

U.S. News and World Report February Issue Features Dr. Bob's Alternative Vaccine

MN Somalis Are Now Aware Of Autism. But Still No WHY From Authorities.

Why I Left Mainstream Medicine - From A Nurse

The Coming Golden Age of the Vaccine Market

Vioxx maker Merck and Co drew up doctor hit list

Number of measles cases shows year-on-year rise (Asia)

Novartis, Intercell Get US OK For New Ixiaro Vaccine

U.S. survey shows fewer N.J. children getting vaccinated

Wyeth seeking approval for advanced infant vaccine

Vaccine Denial = Scientific Illiteracy

Vaccinations in California schools

New vaccinations required Aug. 1 (TX)

Vaccine deniers: a strange nexus of education and superstition

Just Released! Healing and Preventing Autism By Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jerry

Australian talk show: Regression with vaccines---recovery with chelation and

Drop in vaccinations raises risk at some California schools

Autism - Cold Parents or Cold Society?

Sonoma County at center of anti-vaccine debate

Do you vaccinate your children?

Antivaxxers and their trouble with truth

Whats In Vaccine's - inform yourself

More opting to skip vaccines

New (And Improved?) IOM Panel to Convene on Vaccines

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