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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In the News

Andrew Wakefield's Complaint Against the Sunday Times – The Times of London Retreats

Egg Allergies Make Flu Vaccines Risky

Wankers and Sour Krauts

Cervarix: the simple injection causing so much controversy

An Outbreak of Autism, or a Statistical Fluke?

A Glimpse into the Scary World of Vaccine Adjuvants

David Kirby on HuffPo: UK Autism Doctor Launches Formal Complaint Against London
Sunday Times Reporter

Vaccines probable double edged weapon

Sunday Times' MMR Lies Nailed At Last - Editor Witherow Should Resign

What does the doctor talk to your teenager about?

Anatomy of a Scare

Vaccines and Autism: The Unending Story

Coalition will celebrate fully immunized children at the Nampa Civic Center

Formal Complaint Filed Against Journalist Covering Autism and MMR Jab Controversy

Case against Dr Andrew Wakefield, who linked MMR and autism, to cost over £1m

Suspicion of vaccines spurs debate, worry

Ball State's Truth Movement Seeks Thimerosal Advocate to Share Stage with Dr. Boyd Haley

Dr. Dustin Ballard: Don't blame autism on shots

Times' Group Journo Costs GMC £1M - But Blames MMR Doc!

Hot Shots: Vaccines Under the Gun

Blinders won't reduce autism

Are You Concerned About Vaccine Safety Research? Take Action Now!

Science of Vaccine Damage

Campaign Addresses Unsafe Injection Practices

Rotavirus vaccine recommendations updated by ACIP

First Intradermal Influenza Vaccine Approved in the European Union

Erin Brockovich: Gardasil (the case against Merck's HPV vaccine)

Nationwide Medical/Surgical Announces Preservative Free Flu Vaccine Available

Researchers Suggest Insufficient Evidence of Efficacy of HPV Vaccine

Q&A: Author blasts autism's "false" links to vaccines

Your Baby's Bath: Gentle! Pure! Formaldehyde?

Generation Rescue, Autism Action Network, Illinois Biomedical Kids

Vaccine Makers Profit from Government-Granted Immunity

Who Calls the Shots?

Rotavirus Vaccines — Early Success, Remaining Questions

From the UK: The Betrayal of a Nation's Children

Vaccines Did Not Save Us - 2 Centuries of Official Statistics

Aluminum in Water, Bad. In Syringe, OK.

Researchers Suggest Insufficient Evidence of Efficacy of HPV Vaccine

Dr. Russell Blaylock's letter to the Mississippi Senate

What vaccine dilemma?

What's the Matter With NPR?

Concerned about Vaccines?

Maine kids' immunization rates decline

Autism experts to speak at University of North Florida

CDC: Midcoast child recovering from Hib bacteremia and meningitis

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