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Saturday, January 24, 2009

In the News

Governor Corzine on Flu Vaccine Mandate

Senator Gillibrand: Supporter of Vaccine-Autism Research

If at First You Don't Succeed, Vax and Vax Again.

Whose American Life?

Drugmaker wants law to require STD shot - Cancer

Bill Gates Spends $630 Million to Vaccinate Children Against Polio

Shots in the Dark

Pfizer in talks to buy N.J. drugmaker (Wyeth)

Wyeth Targets Crucell Vaccines With $1.35 Billion Bid

Vaccines-Controversy and Cover Up

Rare sickness kills child; officials urge vaccination

Minnesota reports rise in children's infectious disease

The Alleged Autism Epidemic

Vaccine-Autism War: Albert Einstein's Reply To Paul Offit

Parents calling the shots

How to avoid "Mandated" Vaccination

Medicine's Miracle Man

Let's talk mercury with the experts: In S.F.

A Nurse is Mercury Poisoned from Hepatitis B Vaccines and Amalgams

The Vaccine Hard Sell at Pediatrics

Expansion of Govt cervical cancer vaccine programme (New Zealand)

If at First You Don't Succeed, Vax and Vax Again.

Whose American Life?

U.S. To Fund HPV Vaccination Campaign In Micronesia Region

Don't Risk Going Unvaccinated

Protect our children from flu shot mandate

Drugs regulator issues warning letters to Wyeth pharma, GVK

ABC's of Shots (video)

Vaccines and Autism (audio-skip forward to at least 10 minute point)

It's time to renew values of science and reason

Whooping cough shot urged for new moms

Costs May Cause Some Docs to Quit Offering Vaccines

The Great Denial of Vaccine Risks & Freedom

US Department Of Health And Human Services Awards Novartis USD 486million Contract

HIB Vaccine Shortage Continues – Pentacel Combo Vaccine is anAcceptable Alternative for Now

Big news for nanotechnology at the University of Michigan

Dangerous staph increases in kids (MRSA)

Hilary Butler documenting HIB, then Prevnar, now MRSA

Vaccine-Autism War: Media Offensive Marginalizes Parents and IgnoresDr. Bernadine Healy

Early Immune System Exposures Linked To Chronic Disease

Turkish Government Adds Wyeth's 7-valent Pneumococcal ConjugateVaccine To Their National Immunisation Schedule

HPV Vaccine Victims Pile Up: $1.5B for Merck

The Debate Over Vaccines (2 Letters)

Mandatory Flu Vaccine for Children

The Value of Flu Shots

Measles and Vaccination

Did your child suffer a severe side effect from a vaccine?

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